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Monitoring your 3PAR like you never thought possible with the HP Storefront Analytics Pack for vCOPS..

This week at HP Discover in Barcelona I had the chance to finally check out that Calvin Zito wrote about a few months ago.  Two other bloggers, Craig Kilborn (@vmfocus – vmfocus.com) and Bart Heungens (@BartHeungens – bitcon.be) joined me for a video with HP to go over some of the top features.  I find […]

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An afternoon at the NYC VMUG with Justin King, @vCenterGuy talking about vCenter SSO

A colleague of mine recently attended the NYC VMUG event held on April 10 which featured Justin King @vCenterGuy.  Brandon Henriquez assembled a nice write-up and wanted to share it with everyone.  This should help people understand the new 5.1 SSO feature set a little more. ——————– Earlier this week, I went to my first […]

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3Par StoreServ 7000 – Step by step Installation and Configuration (Part 1)

<UPDATE – 2-19-2013> – HP’s 3Par team was gracious enough to reach out and speak to me regarding some of the hiccups I experienced.  First, on the Virtual Storage processor they state that the file system error could be caused by having the wrong time on the ESX host which I can confirm is accurate.  […]

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Hurricane Sandy – New lessons learned & old lessons reinforced on IT Professionals.

It’s been almost two months since Hurricane Sandy first hit the Northeast and changed many people’s lives for years to come.  About a year before in 2011 we were all preparing for Sandy’s baby sister, Irene.  I clearly remember the amount of hype the media produced at that time as the majority of people in […]

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