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HP 2013 Global Partner Conference – New product announcements!

This week I am attending the 2013 HP Global Partner Conference here in Vegas for the first time.  Not surprisingly at the first session, on the very first day HP announced to a room gathered full of press, bloggers, and executives on some new products under the ESSN space.  For those that don’t know, ESSN […]

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3Par StoreServ 7000 – Step by step Installation and Configuration (Part 1)

<UPDATE – 2-19-2013> – HP’s 3Par team was gracious enough to reach out and speak to me regarding some of the hiccups I experienced.  First, on the Virtual Storage processor they state that the file system error could be caused by having the wrong time on the ESX host which I can confirm is accurate.  […]

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Hurricane Sandy – New lessons learned & old lessons reinforced on IT Professionals.

It’s been almost two months since Hurricane Sandy first hit the Northeast and changed many people’s lives for years to come.  About a year before in 2011 we were all preparing for Sandy’s baby sister, Irene.  I clearly remember the amount of hype the media produced at that time as the majority of people in […]

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HP Storage to once again steal the show at Discover

HP’s annual Discover conference, this year being held in Frankfurt Germany is about to get underway.  Typically HP will use this stage to announce new and updated product lines.  On Monday, HP’s main event for the conference is expected to shine the spotlight on it’s storage vertical.  Tomorrow at 8AM tune in to the below […]

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