Moving Windows Server Shares in a Jiffy

I was recently working on a project where a piece of it required migrating to a new file server.  Now, I know there are third party utilities out there to automate most of this but I wanted a little more control of the migration process cine there were other moving parts involved  including DFS.  My goals were to mirror the shares that existed on Server A to Server B while keeping the Share permissions identical.  I had already copied the files to new Server B using another utility.  Here is what I did.

On the source server open up “Regedit”


Export the key and copy it to your target server. (Note, if needed you can modify the paths in the key if your target server’s volume letter is different from the source.)

On the destination server just import the key by double clicking on it.  Once the import is done your target server will have the exact shares and permissions applied and activated!  Not bad for native functionality.

–Justin Vashisht

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