HP Storage to once again steal the show at Discover

HP’s annual Discover conference, this year being held in Frankfurt Germany is about to get underway.  Typically HP will use this stage to announce new and updated product lines.  On Monday, HP’s main event for the conference is expected to shine the spotlight on it’s storage vertical.  Tomorrow at 8AM tune in to the below website to keep up to date with the storage side announcements.  


I expect tomorrow to be one of the biggest days for 3Par since the HP acquisition.  In the past, 3Par arrays have been out of reach to the small and medium sized business due to cost, power, and space requirements.  Since that acquisition our firm has been hounding HP to make the 3Par array more accessible to the mid-market by providing an SMB friendly version of the array (as rumored on the linked article). Doing this while maintaining the all of the enterprise class features that made 3Par famous would be the biggest challenge. 

Other speculation on the internet suggest some kind of 3Par InForm OS VSA but this wouldn’t make much business sense since the Lefthand P4000 VSA if very popular and already has significant investment from HP.  Hopefully an updated GUI of the InForm OS and some kind of update on a simulator get’s announced as well.

All the rumors will be put to rest tomorrow at 8AM.  I will be providing all updates tomorrow as they are announced.

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