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What a scene from The Da Vinci Code made me learn about IT Security

Over the last few years my brain has made a transition from the day to day transactional “fire fighting” mindset to more of strategic “fire prevention” line of thinking.  More and more I’ve noticed that many of my most useful thoughts and ideas have come to me while engaging in activities that have absolutely nothing to do with technology […]

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Updating HP Proliant Gen8 Firmware without a CD – Smart Update Manager

We obtained a bunch of Gen8 Blades for a client down in Florida and I figured I would create a quick “how to” guide on updating the firmware.  One of the Gen8’s key features is the easier process of updating the firmware without using the traditional update CD.  Before VMware or any other OS is […]

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Security! Escort the BES Router out of here!

I recently completed a Blackberry Enterprise Server 5 migration for a medium sized, 1,000 user financial services firm here in New York with requirements that had a slight deviation from the typical BES design.  Our initial objectives were simple, migrate the BES 4.x environment to version 5 on fresh servers while maintaining the upmost security […]

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A beginners guide to the 3Par storage ecosystem – Part 1 (Introduction)

3Par, a company started back in 1999 by three Sun Microsystems server cluster engineers has had quite a ride since being acquired by HP last year.  HP recently reported that 3Par has realized 90% growth along with moving up substantially on the Gartner magic quadrant.  HP’s staggering exposure and customer base in the industry has […]

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SRM 5.0 – Pair VRMS Generic Error 404

Had this issue today when pairing two VRMS servers sitting between different sites.  To avoid this bug make sure you stay consistant with your SRM5 configuration when it comes to identifying servers.  If you used the FQDN to identify the vCenter server for the initial SRM5 install but used the IP Address to reference the vCenter server in the VRMS configuration you will […]

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16 of the biggest HA and DRS configuration mistakes

@concentratdgreg (Greg Shields), is my new favorite technology speaker!  His session on avoiding 16 of the biggest HA and DRS mistakes on vSphere was incredible.  Greg has a way of making the audience stay focused and engaged throughout the entire session and keeping things super fun.  His analogies throughout the session helped clear up some […]

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