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What a scene from The Da Vinci Code made me learn about IT Security

Over the last few years my brain has made a transition from the day to day transactional “fire fighting” mindset to more of strategic “fire prevention” line of thinking.  More and more I’ve noticed that many of my most useful thoughts and ideas have come to me while engaging in activities that have absolutely nothing to do with technology […]

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Citrix XenApp 6 – SHA2 Certificate Issues with Secure Gateway

I was recently involved with recovering from a crashed Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 environment. The solution involved jettisoning the 4.5 farm and building out a fresh XenApp 6.5 farm. Everything pretty much went smooth until we tried testing mobile access via iPhones/iPad’s. Authentication would work properly but when the Citrix Receiver application tried to open […]

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Hurricane Sandy – New lessons learned & old lessons reinforced on IT Professionals.

It’s been almost two months since Hurricane Sandy first hit the Northeast and changed many people’s lives for years to come.  About a year before in 2011 we were all preparing for Sandy’s baby sister, Irene.  I clearly remember the amount of hype the media produced at that time as the majority of people in […]

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Active Directory’s SDProp process vs. Exchange Send-As permissions

I recently completed a Mobile Device Management proof of concept for a medium sized Financial firm with about 500 users. I ran into an issue that I’ve seen before where the Good Messaging server would place some handhelds in a paused state therefore stopping the flow of all email to said devices.  A very interesting […]

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